Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Dreams: July 28th and 29th, 2011


Dreamed I had traveled to England. Flew there, paid one million pesetas for a cab (170 pesos supposedly) and then got off in some place where a friend apparently lived. After searching went to some sort of museum or school where I rendezvous with some people after taking a dump at the bathroom. The way I found the bathroom was by following a trail of feces left by a young blond woman. There were general instructions in the toilet and some even mentioned states from the South of Mexico. Kept trying to reach my friend to no avail and after a while found another friend and his dad outside the place and I asked if I could call Chris which apparently never happened but in any case we began to remember a trip to the desert in which we used an orange and black box that provided us with Internet to communicate while in the middle of nowhere.


Was at several hotels trying to get it on and we had to keep going around since we didn't have any money for it and most rooms we sneaked into were busy or half occupied. In one instance I had to beat a short teller boy who broke the door open with some sort of timer mechanism. My mother appeared with half her body covered in tattoos, one of them being a Chinese dragon. In the end bought a beer with what little money I had left and the last thing I remember was my (ex-)girlfriend and me going our ways for reasons I can't remember but couldn't be reasoned.

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