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Memories: April 26th, 2012

I’ve always wondered what exactly happened to my generation. It wasn’t until a year or two ago that I managed to catch up with all of them, and I have to thank Facebook for that since I never did the MySpace thing which I considered absurd especially since I had my own website back then. From all the stories I managed to get together I discerned that half the class from Junior High is married, this baffles me since most of us have 25 right now, and the majority have a kid, again this baffles me even more, which in turn means they could not finish their College education, gee I wonder why. I fall inside the other half of people that are not married but I can honestly say we ain’t better than the rest as this half contains people that became involved with the Narcs, either directly or indirectly, prostitution, became addicted to some substance, dropped out of High School or College to do nothing or find themselves comfortably six feet under for different reasons.

We graduated ten years ago… I still can’t believe that…

In High School, at the Preparatoria Federal Lazaro Cardenas which is the only Federal High School that I know of in the Country, I dropped out in 4th Semester and was the first of the gang to get a job, some 600 to 800 pesos a week which was miserable and wasn’t even worth it no matter in which way you try to explain this to me. Regardless, I was the one who made his own path… though I had no path, no future, I didn’t want to look at the past, I was suicidal and depressive, darkness surrounded me and I lived inside a bubble for some five or six years until the bubble cracked and darkness infused me and made me faster, deadlier, smarter, even more cynical than before, it permanently changed me for bad or good.

Ricardo is moving to Las Huertas soon, somewhere near where I used to work in an Industrial Park for a company called Flex Medical Disposables, formerly Availmed, which was a good training ground for my IT skills and where I participated with Alex, with whom I had worked in Telvista for the Verizon DSL Campaign, Bruno, who I met there and is one of the best Nortel PBX handyman you can find this side of the country, and Spencer, who was a Supervisor at Telvista inside Verizon DSL, under the Desktop Team for direct support to the plants. Back when I used to work there I remember they killed a lot of people, going from 2008 to 2010, and even saw once, me and Alex, a police truck that have been gunned down by Narcs, we even heard the automatic gunshots from distance loud and clear, and there was nothing left of them when we managed to get through the whole commotion.

Edgar and Ricardo also told me a story, which I have yet to confirm, about a man that went Grand Theft Auto somewhere in Las Huertas. By Grand Theft Auto I mean the video game and the term was being used because the man was captive, naked and hand-cuffed yet he managed to kill two Narcs, two bodyguards, unarmed, got out of the house, confronted the police and died. The confrontation, we thought, was most probably because the man was related somehow to crime but as I mentioned before, reader, I have yet to confirm this information for proper verification.

I once meet el Arpas at El Divan de Alicia, apparently Xavier knows him well and he tells me that "El Arpas is everyone’s friend", he was with a woman, that time, they called La Profe, who apparently is a real teacher, whom I forgot to ask exactly in which institution she gave classes as I never want to take my children to that school, ever. El Arpas is an interesting figure, he sells newspapers even at high hours of the night for 1 peso or either he'll ask for a cigarette and start telling you some REALLY dirty things while he does his infamous "Arpas" or "Shazam puro power!" quotes. He is always wearing this exotic masquerade ball mask that only covers his eyes and starts to dance to electronic music, mind you this man is above 40 years old, and he can dance good, he even once got into a bar in skates and danced with the skates, like that time I got drunk at that triple birthday, which Sergio took me to, in which we bought a bottle of Tequila 1800, then some cucarachas for the birthday people, beer, more booze, rum, vodka, you name it and then I was dancing Industrial at El Circo third floor like a mad man and playing with a guy that was doing some dancing with Kevlar balls in flames held by long chains. Fun times.

I remember that many years ago there used to be a placed called la Milla de los Perros where the exit for the Galerias Plaza underground parking is which leads to boulevard las Americas. You could buy all kind of dogs and animals there during the weekend, all of them were being sold by random people but I do recall seeing a couple or two that would come back every so often to sell the same breed of dog every so often which leads me to believe that they lived from that.

Eating an empanada of grounded meat out of a piece of paper that contains poetry from the ICBC, the Instituto de Cultura de Baja California, which was given to me after doing some Social Service, where I meet some really beautiful girls, and getting the food across with an apple Peñafiel bought by Badilla after he bought two of my Warhammer books which I sold for the cheap, cheap quantity of 20 pesos each. Which reminds me I have been selling several of my books at cheap prices with some really good responses, fortunately they will be the last thing I sell since I’ve got a job at another bar, La Naranja Mecanica or the Clockwork Orange, like the movie, with a general theme based off from the movie, and that should REALLY help me out. I was selling books with that dude over at 2nd street, before I sold my books to Luis and Badilla; that red beret bearded long-haired man was cool but a bit paranoid though.

Speaking to a man mounted in an avalancha who has no legs and only a part of his torso, we spoke while watching a concert of Christian Reggae in a small park just a few feet away from the International Border of San Ysidro, before them there was a band of what I believe was Bachata, and talked about the quality of the sound, which to say the least was very good, and how much would a Saxophone cost. He was a good and honest man.

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