Thursday, February 4, 2016

Why is there a Zebra in Revolution Street?

What… is that?” Asked a foreigner, with morbid curiosity, travelling through Revolution Street, somewhere in the heart of the city of Tijuana, who pointed at what looked like a zebra or a donkey painted with zebra stripes, tied to a cart with some sombreros sitting on top of it. “Is that a donkey?”
A zebra amigo” Responded a tanned man with his thick Mexican accent and a camera on his hands. “I can take a picture for money”
No thanks, I don’t want a picture, but I do want to know why the donkey is painted black and white”
Oh that… well back then we used black and white cameras and the burro wouldn’t come in the picture so we ended painting them black and white, people confused them with zebras you know?”
But we don’t use black and white cameras anymore, why would you keep painting them like that?”
Tradition, you want a picture with the burro or not?”
Oh what the hell sure”

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