Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Icon and the Human Collective (The Monolith and the Human Collective)

Some believe in magic as a form of illusion against the eye, some believe that magic is real and that it can be divided into several branches or taken back to its roots which are black and white magic, some believe it to be a complete lie, some understand and use magic as a form of control over time and matter. I, Nilith Ur-Tramamin, control the essence of everything that surrounds me, I can alter reality as I please, displace between time and space and evade even the most powerful laws but I avoid it, I know the limits, I will not push them or bring down destruction over that which I have carefully designed over my life time.

From what I have told you, would you expect me to be any different from you?

On the contrary, we look exactly the same, to the core we are both energy in constant movement, in constant change, chaos and order, both put together in a tight balance which, if moved just one degree into either side, produced incredible results.

To me the mechanics of the universe are simple but to you, a creature who thinks that understands something about that which surrounds you, it is far too complicated as you have no true understanding of a single thing surrounding you, accept it, you are not worthy of my presence or thought, I am your God and I will abandon you if needed so for I have better things to think about than a mere simple puppet. Your primitive race is ignorant and despicable, you show no sense of self-control with your deprivation and it sometimes manages to astonish me which makes me want to taste it directly, lust over it, abuse it and let it overload my senses to the point of no return, but no, I reject you and your nothingness.

As the great creator I am both physically and mentally one and many, those who see me, feel me, I control without notice, I am that which you fear, I can eat your senses out, I feed from your emotions by the second, I am a vortex, a dark hole, the void.

The collective, that which I have created to serve me without notice, works non-stop day and night, they feed me with every emotion and feeling. I can feel how females fake an orgasm a hundred times per minute and males reach a full orgasm in seconds, I can sense truth and lies, and if I wish I can be in their body and feel directly what they are doing, but really, why bother if I can feel a hundred different emotions at the same time, why have only one when I already have them all.

I can feel how the collective fears when their civilization is at risk, I can sense their fear to die, the most lustful and beautiful of their emotions fuels me to full orgasm in my nether form, it forces me to lurk for more. I have personally threatened my collective, I've provoked wars for no reason, death, doom, decay, but doing so leaves me no huge satisfaction except for watching through their eyes as they cry, hate and fear me without knowing me.

When I want someone finished I can order the collective to do work for me and without questioning their leader they will do it voluntarily knowing not who is manipulating them. The beauty of the Human mind and their society is their lack of comprehension for this behavior, they assume it is some kind of madness developed in their brain, they assume everything is done by their mind even if it's involuntary, they think they have control of something. Pathetic retarded men that think can explain everything with their big words incomprehensible even to those who speak their tongue, falling behind from the truth, hiding and riddling, corruption and destroying, as I can do as I please with this race.

Starting wars for the purpose of defense of their kin and the pocket of the king, for reasons of honor and petty consequences, for land and food, for women and rape, for things they can't comprehend. Senseless homicide justified by the reason of wrong ideals. Disbelief on the word of those who try to guide them through the correct path and their eventual fall to the void, where the lust for the primitive human emotions leaves. Corruption of the young ones and force feeding them misinformation that will be their own destruction, once their eyes are opened and see reality not as a piece of the picture but rather a huge and monstrous labyrinth, a nightmare with no beginning or end to this madness.

I will force you to suicide, to kill, to rape, to hurt yourself, I am everything bad that can be done to your body and mind. I will force you to love, to lust, to sacrifice for the well being of others, to do what you must. I am your best and worst enemy for I am the pure essence that built this world from its humble beginnings and I am also the one that will see its destruction for I am the Beginning and I am the End for I, Nilith Ur-Tramamin, am eternal and ethereal until the universe constricts to begin anew.

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