Thursday, February 4, 2016

Relation 8

Boring as usual, criminal sins
Shit I care less for, nothing will change
The way it all works is through a slow change
Step aside and calm down, my patience thins
With your metal groups and your communist marching
Your hatred and your hollowness
Confused and angry, alone, absurdity
Everything happens because you fucked the world
You left it dry and empty and stupid, condemned
Why not play nice for once and shut the fuck up
People are and have been meaningless and stupid
Arrogant, ignorant of faith and fate, mindless drones
And they keep asking why we need history or philosophy
Short answer, for every asshole that complains life is unfair
That presumes heroes and villains, superseding reason
Claiming superiority and purity, casting shadows of doubt
Holding symbols and words in your face, screaming madness
Where esoteric and mystical knowledge are replaced by logic
Why not pick up some useful texts and think a split second
Maybe that way you can pick up and the logos around you
Finally get to admire, won't you, what's around us and you
With lively eyes how great life really is and break down the
Capitalist post-existentialist shit you all call life

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