Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Slap Card

When playing TCGs some… maybe 15 years ago (around 2001/2002?) I remember this tendency of throwing cards at the table, not throwing them off the table but rather on the table itself, to represent anger or frustration with your opponent's action, we even made fun of it by getting a random card from the opponent or anyone and doing the same thing, that slap it produced (when inside the plastic foils) is priceless but it would wear it down and then you needed new foils, so someone came up with an idea (I think it was Edgar but simply because he could, not because we needed it).

Enter the Slap Card

The slap card was a random card, any trash card would do, which would be wrapped in black electric tape until it was completely covered. Once this was done you could maybe go for a second round and then there it was, a slap card. It sounds stupid enough to try and do it, watch the video and you will understand why.

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