Wednesday, February 3, 2016


(This story was originally posted in Jottify, which is now defunct, for a competition that involved Science)

“Holy...” The blue suit man gasped and stared in awe at what was inside that giant cylinder, about twenty feet high by twelve, filled with orange liquid; he had almost dropped his suitcase from the first impression “Doc, what the hell is that?”

“That is an exologue morphus continuum” Answered the man in white lab coat as he adjusted his glasses. He noticed the face of disbelief on his companion and continued. “In Christian words, it's what we call an outside traveler that continuously morphs, what you see right now is not what it will become in a second or two, it has no shape in this dimension, at all. As we understand it, this being comes from a higher plane, drops in by accident and gets trapped; it is quite fascinating if I may add”

“Doc, how the hell can you call this fascinating, it's like looking at a freakshow, gives me the creeps!”

“My good man, nothing shocks me. I'm a scientist after all, and what I have seen in this lab surpasses everything we have so far managed to understand from reality, but this, this is different”

“Whatever, just tell me you've made sure this thing is locked up for good”

“It is as secure as we can possibly make it. For all we know the thing may one day wake up and kill us, hasn't happened yet though and we do not have any expectations on the killing portion of it”

“Hold a second, so that thing is asleep?”

“That... is something I can't fully answer. The entity is not exactly asleep, it seems to be away from his physical entity in this reality”

“Doc, Doc, please, Christian words for the masses, keep it in pig Latin for me”

From what we understand this form of the exologue morphus continuum, 'exolo' for short, is just one of the many physical manifestations it can achieve in the different planes of existence”

“This sounds too complicated for me still”

It is like you, it has a different suit for each occasion, it changes it as it sees fit but when it does it leaves the other behind for someone to find it out, it could be in the middle of the ocean, a jungle, a city, it doesn't matter to it, we know this for a fact”

“And then?”

“We don't know for sure, we think that it elevated or lowered to other dimensions, but that is as far as we can take our assumptions as our investigations have not managed to push through that specific portion as we had expected”

“So we're waisting money on this”

“No, not really, it is a matter of time. Our main concern is what happens when it wakes up, if we will be able to communicate with it directly, will we be able to contain it, will it friend or foe. We are pushing as hard as we can to understand more before it eventually happens”

“Then that means that we could be handling a nuke with no safety whatsoever”

“If you want to look at it that way, yes, but do not make it sound so lightly, we are making our best efforts to understand how this entity works; science, Director, is a long process, but we make sure of what we are doing when we do it”

“I will report back to the board then, but I'm warning you, we need to see some progress or we are closing down this project”

“That is the last thing you want to do, take that as a light warning” With that the man left but not without gazing back at what was inside the cylinder, it looked monstrous but at the same time beautiful, it provoked in him a queer feeling, of not being able to understand it fully, something that came as familiar too, as if he had seen it somewhere before but he had no recollection of it. He proceeded to walk out of that room as fast as he could, the scientist looked at the cylinder and sighed. “How unfortunate; if only they could understand the full potential”

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