Saturday, April 6, 2019

The Atlantean Thrones and the Valve

I can’t sleep, again. I see them all over me, figures that look like demons, human with horns of all kinds, twisted and spiraling in different directions, all of them running towards me trying to hurt me, I have something at the ready to bring them down too, it’s not like I run through the tunnels without being at the ready in one way or the other.

It’s the valve, that stupid moss colored valve that continues to push forth all this shit through the tunnels, and everywhere in general, but I can’t fully blame it, I am responsible for bringing them here too, without caring much as to what consequences this could have in the long run, although I must admit that only very few have ever managed to achieve anything of particular value, the scoreboard still gives us more points than all of their houses combined, also if they were not breaking each other down every time they see the opportunity they would have achieved more, this was also done on purpose though, one of the few things I am proud of them is that they control their own population by their own means.

Back to the damned valve, it’s not the valve itself, hidden inside a temple over at a city that was swallowed by the desert twenty thousand years ago, it’s the energy its attached to that makes it a gateway, to be blunt, this valve belonged to the main reactor line inside the core of Atlantis, once the valve was closed and the valve pulled off the reactor went very fast into critical mass, the entire city at that point had been lost to the madness of the inhabitants, Lovecraft described it better than anyone else, this city with strange non-geometrical forms that make no sense to the human mind, considering that the human mind was and continues to be in a rather primitive state in comparison to our Atlantean cousins this is understandable, they went too far, too deep, too fast, in the end the city was more of a hellish landscape than an actual city of “Peace and Prosperity” as it once had been announced, the only logical thing to do back then was to sink it and sink it we did, we also, by we I mean I, miscalculated the amount of time it would take for the reactor to go critical and we barely made it out, while this did not destroy the city in its entirety it brought it down into the pacific ocean where it will probably remain for another millennia, a couple of centuries if humanity figures out the importance of the city.

We go back to the valve, again; the energy emanated from the reactor and the inhabitants permeated on everything, the world is full of this energy which is not visible from outside Earth due to a long standing veil created to protect humanity from what lives outside of our home planet, this works both ways so we can’t see anything and they can’t see us, but we also have to deal with our own demons and no one is ready to face an onslaught of Atlanteans, not yet.

All except a few are ready, one sits at the Throne of the Pillars, the throne of one of the Atlantean Lords when the city still existed, there is a gate behind the throne which connected to one of the gates inside the core, while this gate is currently not functioning due to the energy being cut off from the core it could potentially be re-routed to be used through other gates, the danger this poses to the planet is considerable but there are two problems.

The first problem is that there is little recollection of the existence of the pillars and their purpose, those who know do not visit as there is no reason to, in another plane this is a small fortress with no visible purpose other than watch the crossing of the Mediterranean through close proximity from Gibraltar, it is no coincidence that the British decided to keep it.

The second problem is that of those who do visit and stay there have a tendency of going mad with seclusion, since this is a small fortress there is nothing inside of it aside from a set of barracks, a small patio and the throne room where the pillars can be seen, the current guardian holds no objection with being there but it does not stay there often citing no need to do so. I do not concur with the guardian but it is also understandable that after one hundred thousand years it is near impossible for the gate to be used in any way or form, it is also possible that the gate is non-functional from this side too but we go back to square one, by the time Atlantis fell mostly everyone had forgotten how the things around them worked and everything was taken as-is, if it worked fine, if it didn’t it was lost, there was no way to fix it, only the school of engineers had a slight idea of how things worked but going through the voluminous materials available to them was an impossible task for anyone.

Even today I still have not managed to go through the entirety of the archives, I have sat for centuries, reincarnating time and time again, just to try and figure out chapters which are so esoteric that only those who wrote them would ever understand what they meant, if they even understood what they were writing about.

Friday, April 5, 2019

The Establishment of the Sacrosanct Yayerum Empire

This is a bit of information that has been going around in my head lately, I have had this discussion with myself plenty of times and I am putting it down in stone, the main reason being to formalize it, the real reason is that I do not forget all of the little details.

I’ll talk about this in different points, trying to stay on target as much as I can:

1) The Yayeri and Ban

The Yayeri are anthropomorphic fox like creatures that have resided most of their life in the continent of Ban’loi, the Land of the Sun God in their language, with little contact with the exterior, since the continent is located on the southern hemisphere of the world the continent has considerably low temperatures that allow for little farming periods, furthermore there is little to use as cover from the elements aside from burrows where the primitive Yayeri lived.

Ban, from whom little is known, was a curious Yayerum that was the first to organize the Yayeri into larger tribes and use this power for the better, war was never an issue with the Yayeri, their communities were far too little and sparsely communicated, a war for resources or dominance would have given little back and a union was conceived for a greater purpose.

While primitive, the Yayeri had stone tools and had tampered with the idea of building deeper burrows for larger families, Ban guided the tribes to build on the side of the larger mountain sides of Ban Senoi, as it is known today the Ribs of the Sun God as these would come to protect the Yayeri and their progress as a civilization.

During the initial digging the Yayeri found a deep cavern system high enough into the mountain range, these caverns were large enough to accommodate most of the tribes, the digging project at the bottom was left and the tribes moved into these systems, but with this came new problems, heating primarily and a new system to move resources from the valley had to be conceived to get what was needed at the top, the Yayeri from this event would slowly split into two groups, those who remained in Ban Senoi and those who would become the inhabitants of the Ban Illin, the Womb of the Sun God.

From this period on little is known, the legend of Ban is formed from a heroic feat, being inside the cavern system Ban found what was believed to be the top of the mountain from the inside, breaking through with one mighty blow brought down part of the cavern ceiling, with it came light and ice, a river would rapidly form, lakes and canals created to route the water and use it in farming, Ban disappeared afterwards, the Yayeri claim that this event came to be the ascension.

2) The formation of the religious head and leader in absentia, the Emperor

In the fantasy setting that I have built for years there is one title that is above all, the title of Emperor of the Draconian Empire, the evolution of this title happens through several events related to Dracontyr, the first Emperor, but will continue to evolve through the next thousand years.

With Ban gone the tribes had no leader to follow up on the steps, a consensus was reached that someone would rule in absence until the return where Ban would guide them again, through a complicated evolution the title of ruler also became the religious head, the Cult of Ban rapidly grew and with it came very severe rules to control events that were slowly getting out of hand.

Establishing two main tribes allowed for those living in the valley to concentrate on farming, those that lived in the mountain range could concentrate in production of other items, this included the formation of a military caste in charge of keeping order, specially with those living in the valley who continuously came to question the rule of the Emperor.

Through exploration the Yayeri came in contact with other members of their own species spread all over the continent, these continued to live in small burrows, some would come to immediately join the tribes, others would oppose and a few would want nothing to do with either party, a bloody war would ravage most of the valley and surrounding areas, never to reach those who lived in the mountain range, the Emperor would see that everyone came into the fray of Ban one way or the other.

3) The declaration of the Sacrosanct Empire

The unification took a considerable time, Emperors would come and go during this time-span, a more rigid control was enacted to keep the tribes in check and with this came the era of the establishment of the Ban’Zin, the Laws of the Sun God. The laws brought changes such as the formal division of the tribes around the Ban’Loi, a census came to be passed and with it forced recruitment for the Ban’Tan, the Hand of the Sun God, the “personal army” of Ban and thus the Emperor, as Ban was not around to command them, except in the rare case when a dream came to the Emperor that mandated to do something, the Emperor would have full control of this army.

With the continuous expansion and rule over the Ban’Loi a formal declaration was made, the Ban Senoi would become the Temple and Holy City of Ban, the center of Ban’Loi and from where control and orders were to be sent from, leaders of each region would be established, trade and commerce would be centralized in the Holy City, the Sacrosanct Yayerum Empire, the Most Holy Government over All, was declared.

Note: The Yayeri did not have a term for other races or civilizations until much later, during the establishment and expansion of the Draconian Empire, thus the Yayeri understood this declaration as referring to All, to this date they still tend to refer to everything this way, only changing the term when referring to ALL of other SPECIES. Yayerum Draconis / Yayerum Humanes (All of the Draconians / All of the Humans)

The Atlantean Thrones and the Valve

I can’t sleep, again. I see them all over me, figures that look like demons, human with horns of all kinds, twisted and spiraling in differ...