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Conceptos de NPCs para Call of Cthulhu Table-Top RPG (Ingles)

Era wise when it states Early it means pre-1929 up until 1939, modern is from 1939 to 1945 and Future is anything after WWII up until this point to 1968.

Name: Ishmael “the Jewish Warmachine” Gambeson Berkowitz
Date of Birth: July 19th, 1895 (Current Age as of 1929: 34)
Date of Death: N/A
Country of Origin: United States of America, New Jersey
Profession: Soldier/Officer (Prehistoric) / Mobile Agent/New Jersey Agent of the Orange Bureau under Roman Nuddleman (Early) / Officer of the SS (Modern) / Protector of the Monolith (Future)
Allegiance: German Empire (Prehistoric) / Orange Bureau (Early) / Nazi Germany (Modern) / The Monolith (Future)
Avatar: Avatar of Wrath, in Avatar mode he becomes a fifteen feet tall representation of Shiva constructed from the Mexica Sun Stone.
Languages: English (Native) / German (Native) / Hebrew (Professional) / French (Moderate) / Spanish (Moderate)
Proficiencies: Sub-Machine Guns, Rifles, Handguns, Shotgun, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Spot Hidden, Listen, Dodge
Weapon of Choice: Thompson Sub-Machine Gun M1921 with 50 bullet drums (Weapon is nicknamed “Last Caress” and has it written on the guns stock)
Mental disorders: Shell Shock (PTSD), Hallucinations, Uncontrollable mood swings (tending usually towards violence), Suicidal Tendencies
Magic Proficiency or Alignment: None (Prehistoric) / Standard (Non-Magical) Freemasonry (Early) / Thelema and Mythos (Modern) / Mythos (Future)
Secret Societies: Freemasonry, 4th Degree in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite
Particular features: Scars throughout body, caused by an artillery shell, no hair and dark glasses he never removes, even under low light or no light (modern and future)

Ishmael was born in New Jersey to a immigrant Jews from the Eastern Europe. His life was a bit rough, being raised in a neighborhood of different ethnicities, mostly Christians, he found little contact with the outside world while he himself was always looking for adventure and trouble. He turned out to be shorter than the rest of his family or few friends as he grew up, during his early teens this became a problem as he would get picked out and beaten up, which would eventually force him to train and find himself in the better position, becoming a fighter in his path for recognition.

Once he reached his late teens he saw the opportunity to join the army and eventually fight in what would be known as the Great War, the war to end all wars. The events seen during the war are known only to Ishmael and a few of his remaining war buddies, he talks nothing of it and feels terrified whenever the subject is brought back up and when he does speak about it the information is confusing and at times it proves to be inconsistent.

His war experience gained him recognition in the army and after the war he was picked up by a man known as Roman Nuddleman, the former commanding officer of what was to be known as the Big Red One. From then Ishmael has been on and off throughout the roaring 20s working for Nuddleman and the Orange Bureau.

In reality, Nuddleman has hidden most of Ishmael backstory to prevent other members of the Bureau from asking too many questions. Ishmael joined the German Empire during the early stages of the war to prove himself worthy and brave in the eyes of his family, who were descendant of Jewish Germans. This proved to be counter-productive as he only witnessed what Enrich Maria Remarque could describe to others through his eponymous All is quiet in the Western Front and to avoid bring up those horrible years he has suppressed it through constant battling with the unknown.

During his service with the Bureau he was assigned as a mobile agent, traveling through most of the important cities of the world, and eventually becoming the agent in charge of protecting New Jersey, his hometown. It was during 1927 that Nuddleman lost contact with Ishmael and it wasn't until late 1929 or early 1930 that he regained contact with him, his excuse being that he “had brought California into the jurisdiction of the Bureau” to which Nuddleman did not complain but still questioned.

During the 30's he remained in Germany protecting a Monolith recovered from Samoa which had been placed into the Vault of Charlemagne. Since Ishmael had served the German Empire during his youth he found easy lodging in the German Wehrmacht and eventually into the SS. Little is known of his work during the 30's and 40's but whatever happened there changed him permanently, moving his operation, with the Monolith, to Guadalajara, Mexico. It is believed that Ishmael killed the previous guardian of the Monolith and in turn the Monolith spoke to him and delivered a message and a curse, the curse is believed to be immortality, the curse of the Avatars which turns him into the embodiment and will of the Monolith in this plane of existence.

He is a prominent member in Mexican Society and has become involved with the party in power but little is known as to how much power he truly exercises over said Government or what his involvement is with them.

Once he explained to agents of the Bureau that the scars in his body, at least the ones on his arms, are a crude reminder of his uncontrollable wrath, each scar representing an innocent person killed while in a fit. Both arms are completely covered in scars, no other visible features over them.

Name: Amanda (“Fire Damsel”/”Crazy Bitch in Heat”/”The Sun Mistress”) Chapel Whitestone
Date of Birth: February 21st, 1899 (Current Age as of 1929: 30)
Date of Death: N/A
Country of Origin: United States of America, New York
Profession: Pennsylvania Agent of the Orange Bureau under Roman Nuddleman (Early) / Agent of Delta Green and the Global Initiative for Preemptive Occult Defense (GLIPOD) under Raymond Whitman Jackson (Modern)
Allegiance: Orange Bureau (Early and Modern) / Delta Green and GLIPOD (Future)
Avatar: Avatar of Pride, she turns into a being of fire, can manipulate her form in different ways but cannot overextend herself under said condition which means she can't grow bigger or smaller than she is already.
Languages: English (Native) / French (Moderate) / Egyptian (Hieroglyphic)
Proficiencies: Persuade, Manipulate, Fast-Talk, Handgun, Accounting, Hide, Sneak, Occult
Weapon of Choice: Single-Shot Derringer
Mental Disorders: Bipolarity, Neurosis (provoked by an advanced stage syphilis), Paranoia, Delusions of Grandeur
Magic Proficiency or Alignment: Egyptian (Prehistoric) / Egyptian and Thelema (Early) / Thelema and Mythos (Modern) / Mythos (Future)
Secret Societies: Golden Dawn (Ceased), Rosicrucian 8th degree
Particular features: Her way of dressing is always consistent with the era, her right eye twitches constantly

Amanda was born in the United States but quickly found herself in England as his father worked with powerful political and entrepreneurial figures on the other side of the Atlantic. Her upbringing was sophisticated, she was trained and raised to be a lady-in-waiting but deep down in her heart she wanted to be free and explore the world. She was eventually engaged to a rich man in France, one of the most powerful men known to his father and his best investor, to which she refused and after the wedding she escaped but not before dishonoring her family name in an assassination attempt that lead to the death of the Prime Minister of France, unknown to her this accident would blow Ishmael cover in a mission he was sent to perform in France and would connect her with Ishmael Gambeson in the United States and start a love-hate relationship between them.

With this in mind she fled to the United States under cover and became a known flipper in the high circles of the East Coast and eventually meeting up with Ishmael Gambeson during one of her tenures in New York. This connection would eventually put her in contact with Nuddleman, who showed interest for the lady-in-waiting even though Ishmael could see no real purpose to her joining the Bureau. Nuddleman had suspicions on her and those were confirmed when he found out that Amanda belonged to the European Golden Dawn, which to him proved perfectly as Amanda was well aware of many rituals and spells provided to her through Egyptian and Thelema systems.

Later Nuddleman would regret his decision to join her and even confess to Ishmael that “it looked good in paper, she went through with flying colors, but by God is she the worst liability this Bureau has ever seen”. Amanda proved to be highly unstable as a field agent and abused some of her rights as member of the Bureau, the worst of those abuses consisted mainly in abusing the budget for parties that could last up to a week in the most expensive place she could find throughout the East Coast.

To fix this Nuddleman sent her to Philadelphia and gave her orders to not move from said location, orders which Amanda would not follow but for the majority of her time she remained inside the area of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania.

It is unknown if it was before or after joining the Bureau that Amanda performed a ritual that put her in direct contact with Ra, or at least she believed it was Ra that spoke to her. It was during a fit of greed that she decided to ask Ra for his blessing, of any kind, to which Ra responded by transforming her into a giant ball of flames that burnt down anything that she touched.

This painful transformation left her comatose for weeks apparently but once she recovered she understood that the flames could not destroy her, nothing could destroy her anymore, she could do as she wished and no one or nothing could stop her from doing as she wished. She prided herself as the embodiment of Ra, the only mistress worthy of being by his side. This line of thought heightened her mental disorders and have in turn made her one of the most dangerous agents at the service of the Bureau.

By the 60's she is part of Delta Green and the Global Initiative for Preemptive Occult Defense, being again considered a liability and a danger to other agents and the agency in general but at the same time being one of the most experienced agents still willing to cooperate under the new agency.

Name: Jonathan “the Doc” Ambrose Peterson
Date of Birth: June 21st, 1879 (Current Age as of 1929: 50)
Death of Death: N/A
Country of Origin: United States of America, Maryland
Profession: Doctor/Maryland Agent of the Orange Bureau under Roman Nuddleman
Allegiance: Orange Bureau
Avatar: None
Languages: English (Native) / Latin (Proficient) / Ancient Greek (Proficient)
Proficiencies: Medicine, First Aid, History, Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Machine Guns, Hand-To-Hand
Weapon of Choice: M1919 Browning Machine Gun
Mental Disorders: Paranoia
Magic Proficiency or Alignment: Esoteric Freemasonry
Secret Societies: Freemasonry, 14th Degree in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite
Particular features: Overtly muscular, small lenses that do not fit most of the time, bow-tie and suspenders, rolled-up sleeves up to his elbows.

The Doc has a mysterious past and he almost never speaks about it, some even speculate that his current name is not his real name and that it is only being used to cover him up for something that happened in his past life.

What little is known of the Doctor is that he was born and raised in Maryland but he attended the Miskatonic University in Massachusetts to obtain his degree in Medicine. He saw action in the Great War and served as a volunteer from the beginning, in 1914, to the end and even remained an additional year to assist with the chaos the war had brought forth.

How he came to be known to Nuddleman is a mystery to everyone except Ishmael who once mentioned that “Ambrose real name is a mystery, his past is a mystery, for all we know he could have been born in South Africa, but I do recall Nuddleman slipping something that made me cringe and shake in fear as soon as he popped it to me. Apparently our Doc worked with Herbert West, yes, the Herbert West, the one that went missing after some of his experiments with the... dead. If that is true then Nuddleman is hiding it to us for obvious reasons but I would rather have known this earlier during my career, could have saved me and the rest of the team some hassling and most importantly, it could have given us a heads up of what could possibly be coming after us”

Name: William “Left” Brighton
Date of Birth: September 9th, 1898 (Current Age: 29)
Country of Origin: United States of America, Vermont
Profession: Vermont Agent of the Orange Bureau, under Roman Nuddleman
The younger brother.
To be written.

Name: Thomas “Right” Brighton
Date of Birth: September 9th, 1898 (Current Age: 29)
Country of Origin: United States of America, Vermont
Profession: Vermont Agent of the Orange Bureau, under Roman Nuddleman
The older brother by a few minutes.
To be written.

Name: Agatha Pavlova Katz
Date of Birth: November 9th, 1913 (Current Age as of 1929: 17)
Date of Death: N/A
Country of Origin: Poland, Krakow
Profession: Mobile Agent of the Green Bureau, under Carl Linch, recently assigned to the Orange Bureau under Roman Nuddleman (Early) / Protector of the Vault of Charlemagne (Modern) / Delta Green and GLIPOD (Future)
Allegiance: The Green Bureau (Early), The Trinity (Azatoth, Nyarlathotep and Hastur) (Modern and Future)
Avatar: Avatar of Lust, no one has ever seen her become an Avatar but is known that since she has a signed contract with at least one entity that she has become an embodiment.
Languages: English (Native) / Polish (Native) / German (Native) / Russian (Native) / French (Native) / Spanish (Native) / Ancient Greek (Native) / Latin (Native) / Etc. (The languages she knows depends on which personality has taken over)
Proficiencies: Occult, Chemistry, Library Use, Rifle, Handgun, Ride, History, Sword
Mental disorders: Multiple personalities, selective mutism, anxiety disorders
Magic Proficiency or Alignment: Eastern European Magic (Early) / Eastern European Magic and Mythos (Modern) / Mythos and Plus Ultra Mythos (Future)
Secret Societies: None, doesn't really need to and is not fond of them although she does not despise them.
Particular features: Agatha is white, almost albino, and her dresses consist mostly of Victorian era dresses that catch the attention right away through the use of bright colors, blond and blue-eyed, with an empty look in her eyes, always looking into the distance, never talks to anyone unless she has known them for long enough, before that she writes in a book she carries with her at all times in order to answer them. Her personalities can vary, one of them is quite, the other one is aggressive and the third one is looking to fornicate with anything that moves.

Agatha comes from a long family of sorcerers from Eastern Europe, believed to be somehow related to the infamous Rasputin of Russia. Chosen from a young age to take over the legacy of her family and inducted into the world of the strange and the occult. She is believed to be either a Saint or the embodiment of a great force as she survived birth under terrible circumstances which saw her mother die just a few moments after giving birth to her.

The reality is different, mother and daughter had died during the birth but the Elder Gods had other plans for her, specially since the position in which she had located herself proved to be a tentative spearhead for a new cult. First Nyarlathotep took control of her, followed shortly by Azathoth and finally by Hastur, the last one not being detected by the first two and never making himself present until the situation truly demands it.

With this advantage Agatha cannot age as rapidly as the rest of her family, it is at one point doubtful if she continues to age as Ishmael once pointed it out “she may as well have signed a pact just as we all did, she died at birth, there is nothing in her, she is just a walking tomb that is the will of the Gods”.

Her proficiency in magic proved to be key to recovering the Monolith in Samoa but it was through a team effort that they got it out from Samoa and into the Vault of Charlemagne, where she resided until the end of the second world war, when she completely sealed the vault so neither the Allies or the Communists could get to it.

After that she ended serving Delta Green and the GLIPOD but under constant supervision and constant fear from her peers.

Name: Kenneth Howlett
Date of Birth: Erased (Estimated early 20th century)
Date of Death: January 6th, 1968. (Lung cancer produced by chain smoking)
Country of Origin: United States of America, California
Profession: Private Investigator (Prehistoric) / Mobile Agent/West Coast Agent of the Orange Bureau under Roman Nuddleman (Early) / Officer in Delta Green Project (Modern) / Advisor for Delta Green and the GLIPOD
Zilvan´s Character. Became the de facto leader of the agents of the West Coast after the incidents that transpired during Ishmael stay. Holds one of the few weapons that can actually damage Mythos, nicknamed 'the gun', a .45 handgun engraved with runes that have yet to be understood by the sorcerers of the Bureau.

The elusive NPCs

Name: Juan Iturriga de Dios de la Barrera Concepcion Montoya “the Fedora Man”
Date of Birth: Unknown, estimated 11th century
Date of Death: N/A
Country of Origin: Castille (Modern day Spain)
Profession: Unknown, has stated he works as an agent but never to whom.
Allegiance: Unknown.
Avatar: None known.
Languages: Spanish and Old Spanish (Native) / English (Proficient) / French (Moderate) / German (Moderate) / Latin (Proficient)
Proficiencies: Dodge, Sneak, Hide, Persuade, Bargain, Sword, Occult, History
Weapon of Choice: None, he does not use physical weapons
Mental Disorders: Paranoia
Magic Proficiency or Alignment: Mythos
Secret Societies: Unknown, believed to be related somehow to Freemasonry
Particular Features: The Fedora Man usually wears a Fedora and a trenchcoat, underneath the clothing will change with time, one of his eyes is made of glass, no facial hair and little to no hair on the head.

Little is known of the Fedora Man, he usually appears when a great discovery has been made or when there is a big influence of magic in a specific area. He has spoken little about his past but what has been gathered states three things, first, he served as a Crusader and was there when they took Jerusalem, second, he has signed a pact or deal with someone but it is unknown when this happened and who signed the deal on the other end, third, physical weapons do not hurt him and magical weapons seem to be of little use.

The Fedora man has infiltrated and destroyed entire organizations and even dared penetrate the sanctity of the Freemason Lodges, putting a large sum over his head which sent a high number of mercenaries after him, most of whom were never heard of from until someone by the name of Emile Ferdinand Castelo claimed to have managed to wound him but not kill him and in the process obtained a grimoire that originally belonged to him. No one has been able to investigate this grimoire as the mercenary disappeared before any proceedings could be performed.

Name: Captain Fernando de la Coba Aldrete
Date of Birth: Unknown, estimated late 15th Century
Date of Death: N/A
Country of Origin: Spain, Cadiz
Profession: Conquistador (Prehistoric) / Ship Captain (Pirate) (Current)
Allegiance: Crown of Castille and Leon, the Catholic Kings Ferdinand and Isabelle.
Avatar: None known.
Languages: Spanish (Native) / English (Proficient) / Latin (Basic)
Proficiencies: Navigate, Occult, Spot Hidden, Swim, Throw, Axe, Sabre, Handgun
Weapon of Choice: Flintlock Pistol (quickdrawing them and disposing of them as soon as he is done), Throwing Axe or Cutlass
Mental Disorders: Pyromania
Magic Proficiency: Mesoamerican and Mythos
Secret Societies: Unknown
Particular features: The Captain looks old, his skin hanging from his decaying body, wearing clothing that fits particularly withing the 17th century, carrying a belt with four crossed flintlocks and a bandoleer with an additional four, four axes, two on each side, and his cutlass on the left side.


At first no one was sure who the Captain was but it wasn't until members from Delta Green found a book in Mexico that was written by Bernal Diaz del Castillo who originally spoke about Cortez and the Conquista. In this book La Verdadera Historia de la Conquista de la Nueva España, sus Verdades y los Terribles Monstruos que la Habitan y sus Magias Oscuras (The true story of the conquest of New Spain, its truths, its terrible monsters that inhabit it and its dark magics) Bernal seems to extend his speech and adds mentions to rituals and creatures he saw during his travels there with additional notes throughout the entire book which has made Scholars assume this was the original manuscript Bernal submitted but was probably not printed due to the esoterical and then considered diabolical content which could jeopardize the process of Colonization.

In this book Bernal also speaks of one Fernando de la Coba Aldrete, he says that he served as one of the many loyal Lieutenants to Cortez and that he fought side to side with Bernal in the battle of Otumba where it is said that de la Coba found a manuscript that spoke of terrible things to come, that he became obsessed with it and with the literature they continuously picked up during their travel, much of which is lost to this date.

De la Coba soon became a key part of the security of the new colonies as Cortez assigned him to move the gold and tribute back to Spain which he gladly performed for years until he disappeared with ship and gold, assumed dead at sea no one spoke of him again. It wasn't until the 20th Century that a group of agents from the Orange Bureau came in contact with him but were unable to stop him in his task of recovering the monoliths brought from Yucatan and taking with him the Archaeologist John Percevault Thatcher, who had discovered them. For what purpose he wanted the monoliths or the Archaeologist they never figured it out.

To this date no additional records have been found of him.

William Roger Hancock

A high ranking Freemason and a powerful magician, died in the events of California but maintains contact through the dream world with Kenneth Howlett. He is the one that provided 'the gun' to Howlett and asked him to search for his 'brother' who in fact was himself. The reason why he did so was to be saved from the hands of the cultists that had him trapped and planned to release one of the elder Gods from his house.

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