Monday, July 15, 2013

Burbujas (Ingles)

-Hey, mother fuckers- The adventurers were baffled, their location in the middle of a foggy swamp gave them no clue from where that horrendously high pitched voice came from, it annoyed them but more than that it intrigued them. Who or what was it? -I'm talking to all of you assholes-

-Pray tell, who speaks in the shadows of this horrible mist!- Responded one of the adventurers.

-Fuck you Shakespeare, come and fight so I can hand you your ass-

-What manner of foul creature speaks like this?-

-Your mother-

-This is completely ridiculous, come and face us!- From within the fog came a set of small flying orbs, five in total, different colors and at different heights. -What manner of joke is this?-

-Come at me-

-Nay, this be but a ruse. Show yourself foul beast!-

-Hey, buddy, I'm right here-

-I think they are serious about this ruse, what a clever joke- Said another adventurer, everyone agreed with him.

-I'm right here-

-Then show yourself-

-In front of you, assholes-

-Is he invisible, what a deviant!-

-I'm getting angry-

-If you can move these manners of floating bubbles out of the way and fight like an honorable warrior then we'll have consideration of you-

-Wha... what did you just call me?-

-Nothing, it is these molesting little creatures that we called bubbles-

-Did you just call me bubble?- One of the spheres turned to a crimson red and moved the others aside as it advanced toward the group of adventurers. -Did you?-

-What, a will-o-wisp?-

-No, no, no, that doesn't matter anymore, you just called me a fucking bubble-

-It matters not, stand aside mischievous being and let us pass towards the true face of evil!-

-There is no way you are going to make it out alive of this, I'm going to fucking cook you to death in those metal armors-

-I think the bubble is angry- Whispered another adventurer who immediately faced the red will-o-wisp.

-CALL ME BUBBLE AGAIN, MOTHER FUCKER, CALL ME BUBBLE, ONE, MORE, FUCKING TIME, COME ON, MAKE MY DAY. OH YOU KNOW WHAT, FUCK YOU- The will-o-wisp flew towards another adventurer -AND YOU- He proceeded to another one -AND YOU- And finally placed himself in front of the party leader, the one who had called him out as a bubble. -AND FINALLY, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, YOU, FUCK, YOU-

 It's been months since everyone heard back from the latest adventurers crew that went into the Swamp of Anger.

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