Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A blind candle in darkness

Imagine living in darkness, nothing around you besides a violent pitch darkness, a candle that burns eternally in front of you and yourself. Living your life in front of that candle may provide you with a sense of safety, order and hope but at the same time it blinds and the darkness, or blindness it produces, is far more lethal than the one that surrounds you as it will deliver you into a non-existent Utopia. Turning to your sides and staring at the darkness will serve you wisely as you may understand what surrounds you but do not stare long enough or as Nietzsche said, the abyss, the darkness, will stare back at you. The solution is to live in darkness and walk through it with light but never to stare enough at both to be absorbed into the maniac obsession of order or the inhuman necessity of chaos.

This one must be learned before going crazy on both ends and terminating logic and the defense of the mind.

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