Wednesday, September 25, 2013

La verdad (Ingles)

Allegory to the 5th Symphony of Beethoven

Imagine that suddenly the world ends, for any given reason, and you are the last remaining human to walk the Earth, at least that you know of.

You want to remember the 5th symphony of Beethoven, you have it on your head and play it the way you remember it, keep in note also that there are no proofs of how the original 5th symphony sounded, no physical records, no sound, sheets, nothing, just a memory in your head which you call the 5th Symphony.

Now, add another factor.

During your time in this lonely land it eventually comes to pass that another human has found you or vice versa, eventually there's a setup, socialization and there may be time to reminiscence how life was before everything ended and that's where the 5th Symphony comes into play again.

While mentioning this the other person stands baffled, never heard about the 5th Symphony at all, not even the author or a small reference. Taking this into consideration you decide to play the 5th Symphony off the top of your head but begin to have doubts on the veracity of what you are playing.

Here is something to take into consideration then.

Being aware that what you are playing can no longer be considered the 5th Symphony it is no longer the 5th Symphony of Beethoven but, since there is no verifiable proof, you can now denominate it the 5th Symphony of Beethoven and keep it that way, your companion having no way to refute your version.

Taken into consideration the 5th Symphony continues to exist, yes, it retains the name as such, maybe part of the original structure, but it has stopped being the same object to which we referred to it in the past, it is a different version as our memory can betray us even with little details, some may argue this and I won't argue back but without physical proof of what you speak this is your own version and therefor we shall know your version as the correct and only version of the 5th Symphony.

This is, in a way, how history works, with little proofs as to what transpired in the past the need for speculation is a most, coalescing the proofs sometimes renders vague ideas of a specific matter even though the bigger spectrum is available to us. The 5th Symphony would be a good example of how sometimes an object that may seem insignificant to the vast majority or of little importance to the scientific community may be key to understanding whatever surrounded it in a specific location and time.

The eventual conflict with this is that we can never achieve truth in its purest form, it is one version of the truth, our version of the truth, no one holds the truth.

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