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Trivium Concert Review (2006/2007)

[This review was done somewhere back in 2006 or 2007, I don't have the exact date but from a note about Trivium new album (The Crusade) coming out I would say it was either November or December of 2006. Text has been left mostly as is except for grammatical corrections where needed, comments are in parenthesis. -2015]

Trivium at SOMA with Guest Bands The Sword and Protest the Hero

Now business as usual with this review, let me begin from the point of exit which was Tijuana.

We had decided to gather at Bola’s house at 3:30 PM. Originally 6 of us would cross the border… only 4 crossed in the end, at 4 PM we had quickly made our way across the international border of San Ysidro by foot and awaited for Chopper, a friend of ours, to meet us. By 4:15 – 4:20 we took the trolley from San Ysidro International Border and made our way to the San Diego Old Town Station. Something I loved about the trolley is that we crossed through Little Italy and Barrio Logan, I always wanted to see Barrio Logan and now I can proudly say I made it out alive!

By around 5:30 we had reached the station and the bus delivered our sorry asses to SOMA, oh sweet SOMA, at around 5:45… we had about an hour and fifteen minutes free so we just roamed the fuck around and went to a Target nearby where Bola and Edgar bought Trivium's new album, The Crusade, which many consider a complete rip off of Metallica… some consider it the best material from Trivium. Your choice. I myself bought Slayer Christ Illusion and I can call it respectable.

At around 7 PM we went inside SOMA and saw this band playing some Rock and Roll which we didn’t get the name but they had this small pit going around. (And I never got the name of the band so to this date they remain unknown to me)

A little later we would see Protest the Hero which actually made a really short set list due to their second guitar player being trapped in transit across the San Ysidro border, quite ironic in fact, and due to this they played a song called “Fuck the Border”. I can’t say much about them as I had never heard them but they had their thing and the bass player was insane. Also they had this I just don’t give a fuck about you attitude which made me laugh. (Traffic across the border has always been an issue, we laughed quite a bit at the comment and the cover song, to this date, evades me but it was fucking great)

Next was The Sword… and being honest their life show wasn’t that good… there was too much fucking distortion and you couldn’t hear the voice of the vocalist which was actually one of the guitar players. They had their thing going on and actually some of their songs made me headbang but there was no pit with these guys… pity for them to be honest.

And then, excuse me like half an hour later or a little more, Trivium. I personally can't say they’re good or bad but Trivium have their thing going… whatever it is. As I have always said even if I don’t know the god damn song I’ll headbang to it and yet again I was right in the fucking front of the stage where I was throwing my horns (This happens to me a lot, for whatever reason I end up at the front). To me the highlight of the show were the covers, we were all fucking confused when they began playing random shit and specially with the dammit and sweet home Alabama, but when Master of Puppets came it was the shit… except for the asshole they brought up on the stage to sing who had a really fucked up voice (Who am I to talk, right?). And we were making fun of Edgar because we wanted to throw him onto the stage so he would “sing” a song from a group he doesn’t like :D

Set List

enter of the conflagration
like light to the flies
suffocation sight
ember to inferno
becoming the dragon
a gun shot to the head of trepidation
covers: judas priest "breaking the law", blink 182 "dammit", rammstein "du hast", metallica "seek and destroy", megadeath "symphony of destruction", Sweet Home Alabama and master of puppets"
dying in your arms
to the rats
anthem (we are the fire)
pull harder on the strings of your martyr

Yet again the fucking pit went brutal and in the end the pit expanded business like usual like in SOTU (Sounds of the Underground) and this time Edgar and Chopper were on the fucking pit during the entire concert. (I have never had the condition to run around for more than a couple of songs, respect to those who keep at it all night long)

In the end we had a shit load of fun. Bola and Edgar actually got their new record signed by the members of Trivium. Some pictures were also delivered which have been annexed to this review! (Pictures are somewhere but for privacy I did not add them)

Now after this Bola and I had the wonderful idea of going to an AM/PM to eat some shit which made us lose a bus and then we went to Tower Records, which is going “Out of Business!” (The store actually closed next day) which made us lose another bus. We managed to reach the damn trolley just to be informed it would be detoured into a different route. At 1 fucking AM we were informed there were no more trolleys to San Ysidro so we had to get a cab to the border and then another cab to get back to our respective places… fuck it was a good time. (And I had to work the next day in the morning, falling asleep at work had never been so fun)

Loot of ye concert!

1 unused Trivium ticket
1 used Trivium ticket
1 In Flames, Come Clarity CD
1 Slayer, Christ Illusion CD
1 The Sword, Age of Winters CD
1 Protest the Hero, Kezia CD
1 “Never Trust Public Transportation” memory attached to my brain (Not that I trust public transportation much for that matter)
Unknown Quantity of Water Bottles that were flying all over the fucking place (I remember keeping a bottle all the way through, unopened, lol)
-67 Dollars used to buy the discs, public transportation and food… mmm food

Yet another good show that we managed to get to even with all the adversities. Fuck yeah, we also had a chat with the guys from Trivium (and a small cultural barrier to say thanks to each other that ended up in a fist bump) and I told the bass player (Paolo Gregoletto).

“Dude we made an hour and a half from Tijuana across the border using the trolley… we’re happy to be here man”

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